Sunday, February 7, 2010

Aftermath at Night

The snow had ceased and the sky had cleared. The sun came out briefly, just in time to exuberantly set. I took a brief trek to the subway station with my Canon G9 to survey the aftermath. The streets of Baltimore were truly surreal; eerily silent compared to the standard bustle. The usual visual queues of the street were also gone. There was no sidewalk or street, crosswalk or curb, just snow with the tracks of previous transients. I decided to return for my 5D and 17-40/4:

Maryland State Education Department

Sheraton Trees

Hopkins Plaza

No Buses Today

Weather News

By the way, I'm so glad my car was in a parking garage for all this. I can't even imagine shoveling snow for four hours just to get my car out. What a bunch of %$#^%$.

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